About Us

Who is Customtshirtus?

From humble beginnings in 2015, Customtshirtus has quickly grown to become one of the top apparel design and production companies in the world.

As a collaborative company comprised of master managers, expert designers, and top notch fulfillment centers, Customtshirtus takes pride in producing products people LOVE.

Having fulfilled over 100,000 products in just ~1 years, we have the experience it takes to create and ship the products you love in the least amount of time!

What does Customtshirtus do?

We are people pleasers! Nothing brings us more happiness then to see our customers smiling faces!

We encourage our customers feedback and ideas and have built our platform to embrace YOUR CREATIVITY & PASSIONS! After all, What is life without passion?

Why does Customtshirtus exist?

That’s easy… WE EXIST FOR YOU!


9705 Loiret Boulevard, Lenexa

Kansas – USA

Phone: +1(913) 808 2088

Email: [email protected]